bitraland =:B

Hello! My name is Beatriz, but you can call me Bitrinha.
I'm a 20 yo brazilian visual artist and I study at UNESP

Here you can see some of my work

You may have found this website from another website called "Bunnyland", right?
Well, Bunnyland is a project I'm developing for my Media VII class.
The idea is to work with a type of art called "net art", when you make a form of art that
is connected in some kind of net, online or not. I choose to do it online.
So, I started to learn HTML and CSS to do it and I'm making a game that is connected
in many websites, creating a online net. This is Bunnyland.

It's still in process, but you can access the beggining of it here

Here's a pixel art of the main character I made a while ago :)